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CRADINA II  Technical Data (Summary)Dimensions

 1.12  Hull made with stabilised wood, welded, weight 176 t.

1.13 In keel double hull used as tank.

1.14 Each hull has 6 watertight rooms with watertight doors.

1.15  Front collision‑securityfleld from area 27 ‑ 30,48.1 

12 passengers in 6 twin cabines, plus Owner cabin,  include tanks. 70001 incl. day tank. 4900 1. 2800 1.

11 electronic instruments for measuring the volume of tanks 0 ‑ 20 mA from Captron. All tank fluids to be checked with the industrial PC with a special developed trim program, to be checked automatically.

 1.22 Bulleyes along the sides to be opened, partly fitted with deadlights.

1.23 2 underwater windows along both sides in the hall area to watch life under water with deadlights.


1.24 Aluminum window system Houdini (GB) partly covered, fully covered with electrical window level, all with 12 mm secu          rity glass.


1.25 Window front of the main deck and the wheel house Optifloat‑ 12 mm Securit glass.


         1.1    Lenght overall

         1.2    Length waterline

         1.3    Beam overall

         1.4    Beam waterline

         1.5    High keel to wheelhouse roof

         1.6    Weight ca. (full tanks)

         1.7    Draught ca.

         1,8    Length mast

         1.9    Clearance


1.10 Maximum speed under power 15,0 kn, 20,0 kn

1.11 Theoretical speed under sail with Fuel tanks 2 x 6501, Tanks for drinking water 2 x 2500, Greywater tanks 2 x 2450, Blackwater tanks 2 x 14001, 30,50 m 3 1,60 m 1 5,60 m 6,33 m 7,20 m 180,00 t, 1 ,70 m 20,60 m 440,65 m, 

1.28  Window front of the main deck wheel house with sunprotection foil RS 330, absorbing sunlight by 74 %.

1.29  Each hull has from the wheel house a guiding sword from stainless steel with hydraulic mechanic, Deport (CH ).

1.30  Light separating walls: 4 mm Aluminum A1 Mg 4,5Mn)‑60 mm glass wool, 4 mm LS‑Combo, fabrics (ALU‑Singen     (D).

1.31  Insulation of the outside boards against heat, frost, noise: 60 mm Polystyrol, SE + 60/100 mm stonewool,                 alu‑insulated.

1.32  Walls and ceilings of the machine department: 100 mm stonewool 60 mm

                   Pyraflot noise absorbing mattresses, at the ceilings covered with LS‑Combo fabrics.

1.33  Reeling main deck as a closed area with some openings according. Material massive oak.

1.34  Reeling upper deck with polished fine stainless steel pipe, reeling wire: stainless steel covered with plastic

1.20  Anodes at the deadwood in the area of the waves and the propeller.

1.36  2 waterproof outdoors with special equipment to fit the door with a special system and 2 special cylinder                      locks crescent cut


2.      Rigg ‑ Sail ‑ Deckslayout.


2.01  mast system Nimen 2859 Aluminum with profile top system, length 20,50 m, (Nirvana NL). Electrohydraulic system of the rolling main sail.

2.02  Height of the mast above keel: 41, 10 m.

2.03  4 open pairs for Saling with Saling deck lamps equipment Aqua Signal 24V .

2.4      Mast toplight Aqua Signal 24V, top of the mast with wind measuring equipment and VHF‑aerial.

2.5      2.05  B/G‑wind measuring equipment.

2.06  Position lamp red, Aqua Signal 55, 24 V

207   Light in the rear Aqua Signal 25, 24V.

2.08  Position lamp green: Aqua Signal 25, 24V.

2.09  Large beam NEBEN 6424 lengths 12,4 m with 2 integrated beam lamps.

2.10  Sail: rolled large sail 9,4 OZVectran Cresent cut Hood(GB)187 sqm Sail


2.11  Sail: Genua 9,4 OZ Vectran crescent cut 316 sqm

2.12  Sail: Fock 9,4 OZ Vectran cross cut         144 sqm

2.13  Sail: Blister 9,4 OZ Vectran,crescent cut 535 sqm, - All sails in total made by HOOD         1182 sqm

2.14  Recovery hose for blister, HOOD

2.15 Rolling equipment for mainsail, fock and genua: electro hydraulic, system Niren 70, Nirvana (NL),                                            Winches

2.16 Winches: hydraulic‑ and operated by hand: system Barrient (AUS)

2.17  1 Barrient winch 10,3 ST HY for genua sheet.

2.18  2 Barrient winches 736 ST HY for fock sheet and loose backstay

2.19 2 Barrient winches 32 SST SST for traveller sheets.

2.20     1 Barrient winch 36 SST HY special winch

2.21  1 Barrient winch 36 SST special winch. 1 Barrient winch 36 SST HY for large sheet. 1 Barrient winch 20 HY for large sheet. 1 Barrient winch 20 SST HY special winch for main sail. 2 Genua tracks Stbd + Bbd, each one 8 m long with genua equipment and Stopper. 2 fock tracks starboard, backboard each 8 m long with fock glider and stopper.

1 traveller track with changing directions, with traveller sliding for themain beam. 4 times fitted talje for the beam, main sheet with hydraulic winch.2 blocks with dogsled (Rondal) for large sheet and blister.

2 double blocks for fock and genua.  blocks for the mast (Rondal) 5 blocks for the mast, for the achterstay and for the main sail. 3 Barbarossa tender‑hook at the foot of the mast to check for the genua, fockfalls and main sail fall.


2.33 2        saway backstay cylinders for the fixed backstay with hand hydraulic panel.


2.34 2 fourtimes adjusted halyard for the loose achterstay(Rondal)


Rudder equipment


2 Rudder leaves material stainless steel (1.4571) 5 mm inside prepared utside coated and coloured with 2 component colour, and antifouling.


3.02  Hydraulic steeringcylinders with independent hydraulic pump 2,2 KW

3.03  Synchronized regulate electronic for both rudder leaves with revolving potentiometer.

3.04  Rudder system desk in the rudder house .

3.05  Steering wheel made from teak 700 mm in the rudder house working by Electrohydraulic servohydraulic      quipment.

3.06  The rudder steering over a hydraulic valve with Autohelm Autopilot ST 7000.

3.07  Rudder steering system over Hydraulik ventil over electric supported by hand steering equipment.

3.08  Outboard steering with stainless steel steering wheel 1350 mm covered with leather and hand Hydraulik      ump.

3.09  Rudder leaflets synchronisation with hydraulic salve.


                   Painting ‑ Antifouling


4.01  West System plastic wood, Awlgrip Epoxy two component, white.

4.02  Antifouling, Awlstar BP 802, white.


Driving System

 Main engines 2 x IVECO MARINE Type 8061 SM 20.11 125‑ 150 KW at 2700 rpm. Driving pulley 65 x 6000 mm, steam pipe AlMg4,5Mn, Rotating knit propeller system SPE,E 28",LH,RH Exhaust system Vetus, seawater cooled, non return valve. Driving engines with electronic remote control from flying bridge and steering house Minimarex‑System, Mannesmann Rexroth.

 Electricity supply


1 Diesel generator Northern Lights 42 KW 220/380V, 1 Diesel generator Northern Lights 30 KW 220/380 V, 1 Diesel generator Northern Lights 6 KW 220/380 V, as emergency seat Selco automatic synchronizer coupling the generators. Screening electric vessel cable for all electric cables. Power panel for land connection with fuses and transfer cable. Three‑phase separation transformer for land connection, 30 kVA, primary voltage 3*380V secondary voltage 3*380/220V,approx. 220 kg. 2 main power panels in accordance with VDO and ABS regulations. 14 secondary power panels in water‑tight steel cabinets. High‑quality power outlets and switches, gold‑colored, antique, Merten system. 11 lead accumulators, 12 V, of various capacities.7 Bathroom Fixtures ‑ Plumbing Water/Waste Water


Sanitary installation ‑ water ‑ sewage water.


Cabins 1 thru 6 and owner suite, "wet" cells of marine polyesterin B 15 toilets with chopper feed pumps, coloured washbasins with base cabinet and waste container. Single lever mixing valves for washbasins and showers, integrated mirror cabinet with lighting, make‑up mirror and power outlet, chrome‑plated, sunk handkerchief dispenser, hairdryer, handles, towel racks, venting mechanism coupled to lighting, shower curtain, real teakwood flooring with light‑coloured joints, telescopic clothesline, liquid soap dispenser, wall‑mounted toilet brush, chrome‑plated paper and spare paper holders. The bathrooms in all cabins are similarly equipped. Drinking water lines made of Friatherm hard PVC pipes in the cold‑welding process. Waste water lines made of hard PVC with glued concessions. Water consumption meter for drinking water. Fuel filling and venting lines made of Aluminum. All tank venting systems with check valves. Seawater desalination system based on reverse osmosis. 60001/day, Sea Recovery System (USA) Hydrophor domestic water pressure system 2 Wash stations on deck with freshwater.


Furniture ‑ Seats ‑ Kitchen


         All furniture in cabins, restaurant and saloon joiner‑made, veneered in American cherry, all edges and door frames made of solid cherry.

8.02  Cabins 1 thru 6: dimensions approx. 6.20 x 3.16 m, with integrated bathroom. Sleeping part 1.5 m, closet per guest, 2 separate folding beds in closets, coatrack with brass hardware. Living‑room part with a 3‑seat rattan couch useably as a makeshift bed, couch table with stylish table lamp, dresser withbase cabinets, upholstered bench with table and rattan chair, coffered ceiling covered with velour fabric, with built‑in halogen spots 12V, decorative brass lamp, wall‑mounted pendant lamp, walls mostly covered with velour fabric,      high‑quality Dura wool carpet, hi-fi tower with radio, MC deck, CD player, record player, Grundig colour TV for all systems, VCR,         board telephone, air conditioning system for individual adjusting of temperature and atmospheric moisture,   decorative mirror, weather station, genuine oil paintings with exquisite maritime motives, high‑quality gold‑coloured power switches and outlets, permanently installed small safe.

8.03  Cabins 7+8. Dimensions approx. 2.60 x 4.55 m, with joint toilet and shower room. 2‑level bunk beds with          stowing      compartments below, double‑door closet per guest (1.00 lin.m), otherwise equipped like cabin 1. Special stainless steel ladder with solid cherry steps and railing for the bunk bed.

8.04  Cabins 9+10, situated in the starboard hull. Length approx. 4.25am, with integrated bathroom, 2‑level bunk         beds, dou   ble‑door closet.

8.05  Owners suite with integrated bathroom, approx. 5.20 x 4.50 m, with 2 folding beds in closets, 4‑door closet, desk with base cabinet, closet‑type safe, 2‑scat rattan conch, rattan armchair, rattan table with glass top,   "RAUSCH". Win   dow, lowerable electrically,


8.43 other equipment as in cabins 1 thru 6. Cabin 11 (captain): like cabin 9. Crew cabins 12 and 13: one bunk bed on base cabinet, closet, integrated table, shelves. chair, bathroom with shower, washbasin, shower, shower curtain, etc., VCR, colour TV. Crew cabins 14 + 15: 2 each bunk beds, closet, built‑in table, chair, shelves, col­our TV, VCR, bathroom with shower. Saloon: round couch for approx. 14 persons, 5 rattan couch tables, 4 rattan armchairs, 2 rattan stools, dresser and built‑in closet for library, VCR, large Grundig colour TV for all systems, shelf with approx. 500 video movies, vestibule with exit toward starboard, large mural oil painting with maritime motive, 175 x 175 cm. Exminster wall‑to‑wall     wool carpeting. Stairwell leading to starboard hull (guest cabins 6 + lO,as well as laundry and ironing rooms), with 2 underwater windows in the hallway area. Stairs with solid brass railing. Mess ‑ Bar: 3 rounded tables for approx. 23 persons in front of rounded bench, fully upholdsteered, 10 rattan chairs, bar with 6 bar stools, Exminster wall‑to‑wall wool carpeting.      Coffee maker, Espresso maker, ice cube machine, ice cube crusher, fruit press, double sink, 2 built‑in refrigerators, 1 beer barrel refrigerator with tap, bottle and glass shelf above the counter, bottle and glasscloset, lighted. Bar counter with brass hand rail, worktop with brass railing, Sony 10 CD change, telephone system. kitchen: Beckermann kitchen furniture "Bastia", plastic‑coated. 9.0 m kitchen worktop with stainless steel railing and base cabinets. 7.60 lin.m top cabinets. 4 cabinets of room height. 1 fire extinguisher, 2 kg C02. 2 fire extinguisher blankets. 1 Sea stove with 4 hot plates. 1 vapour hood, 100 cm wide. 2 Sea stainless steel sinks with draining boards.1 commercial‑type dishwasher.  1 tall refrigerator with deep‑freeze compartments. 1 oven.8.24 1 commercial‑type grill plate.1 oven for bread baking.         1 plate heating cabinet. 1 microwave oven with grill and convection system. 1 top line grill. 1 icecream maker: Gelatio, 220 V.

                   1 Karbonator for making refrigerated soda water and refrigerated

                   soft drinks.

                   1 commercial‑type multi‑purpose kitchen device.

                   Various pans, pots, dishes and bowls.

                   Plenty of kitchen cutlery and kitchen devices.

                   WMF table cutlery, stainless steel, with gold‑plated decorations.

                   V&B china, white.

                   Air conditioning system for adjusting temperature and atmospheric


                   Aluminum panel ceiling.

                   Waste container.

                   1 magazine holder for cardboard.

                   1 magazine with 22 lin.m Aluminum shelves and 20 PVC stacking boxes.

                   1 walk‑in refrigerator, 2.05 m high, 2.0 m deep, 2.30 m wide, volume approx. 9.5 m3,

                   80,000 BTU, seawater‑cooled,28 Sea PVC magazine boxes, odor‑tight, 5.6 m2 magazine‑type


                   1 walk‑in freezer, 2.0 m high, 0.90 m deep, 2.20 m wide, volume approx. 3.9 m3, 180C, with

                   seawater‑cooled refrigeration set, 4.3am2 magazine‑type shelves.

                   Wheelhouse: approx. 6.30 x 3.90 m. Charts table at 2 upholstered benches, desk

                   with drawers, chart cabinet, exterior door to exterior cockpit and sun deck, panoramic

                   windows with washers on each front pane, walls and furniture made of American cherry.

                   Flooring made of teakwood strips, maritime weather station and brass quartz clock, 1 heel­

                   ling. indicator with level, 1 antique pendulumtype heeling indicator.

8.44  Exterior cockpit, approx. 6.30 x 3.80 m, mostly covered, with 2 m teakwood dresser, with

                   sink and base cabinet, 2 rounded tables, upholstered bench, stairwell to upper deck.

with solid teakwood steps, teakwood flooring, 2 telescopic awnings above the openpart of the cockpit. Stair and safety railings made of stainless steel, high‑gloss polished Suncanvas from spoiler up to above the wheelhouse roof, with mainsail boom as ridge.

Sun deck, total area approx. 226 m2, protected by stainless steel railing with safety net.

Spoiler accessory rack above quarter-deck with 2 electrical winches for rafts, Radom on

NIRO mast, TV/FM antenna, INMARSAT M antenna with automatic reset, weather fax

antenna, halogen floodlights for lighting of deck.

Fitness room, 3.00 x 4.70 m: exterior wall as bathing platform, hydraulically lowerable to water level, shower cubicle, washbasin, bicycle with ergometer, diving equipment, aircompressor, magazine‑type shelves, Aluminum panel ceiling, silver‑gloss.

Hallway walls wallpapered, with brass hand rails, ceilings with silver‑ and gold‑coloured Aluminum panels with integrated halogen spotlights. Decorative bed linen "Paganini", make Seawolt & Resch,

contour sheets and innerspring mattresses made to measure.

Terrycloth towels, make "Studio‑Hecht".

Window decorations suspended from brass rods.

Venetian blinds integrated in lighting valances at all cabin windows.


wheelhouse Equipment: Electronic, Navigation and Communications Systems


Compass Autohelm ST 50

Wind Autohelm ST 50

Depth Autohelm ST 50

Log Autohelm ST 50

Rudder location indicator Autohelm ST 50

Sonar pilot F.L.S. Incastec, forward sonar (monitor).

Autopilot Autohelm ST 7000 CR 21.

Compass Ritchi HF 73.

Raytheon radar R 73, range 72 NM, 10 kW.

Radom (antenna) on radar mast, Raytheon 10 kW, 192 cm wide.

Furuno GPS navigator GP 50.

Navcenter Autohelm.

GPS navigator Magellan 1000.

Industrial PC PROVIT 4000 with coloured LCD display, 80486 SLC‑50 processor, 200 Mbyte

hard disk, 8 Mbyte RAM, various interfaces. Functions: collection of tank probe data and

control of trim with fuel tank. Pump control of fuel tank. Weather fax and collection

of meteorological data.

FM maritime radio NAVICO RT 6500 S.

3 Sea FM hand‑held radiotelephones.

Internal telephone system with 16 extensions.

Satellite telephone and fax system for Inmarsat M with

automatic antenna reset, located on the spoiler.

Furuno weather fax 208 A. Short‑wave receiver HF 150. Meteobox weather station for atmospheric pressure, temperature, atmospheric moisture. Telephone exchange, alarm.


On‑Board Mains Power Panel, Switches, Monitoring


Sextant Navistar "Professional" (Plath).

Bonito weather satellite receiver for weather charts, weather pictures, radio messages,

RTTY, Navtex, Morse.

Uninterrupted power supply for computer.

2 battery chargers, fully automatic, Calira LG 727.

Telescope with zoom.

Night glasses ‑ residual light intensifier display black water starboard, port.

VDO display drinking water starboard, port.

Control panel driving engine port.

Control panel driving engine starboard.

Electronic alarm bell.


11     Flying Bridge equipped with independent devices such as:

1 1.01        Compass Autohelm ST‑50.

11.02         Wind Autohelm ST‑50.

11.03         Depth Autohelm ST‑50.

11.04         Log Autohelm ST‑50.

11.05         Autohelm Autopilot ST‑7000.

11.06         Magnetic Compass Ritchie SP‑5.

11.07         Engine order telegraph starboard.

11.08         Engine order telegraph port.

11.09         Actuating lever for 4 hydraulic hatch covers.

11.10         Stainless steel steering wheel, diameter 1350 mm.


12     Safety Systems in Accordance With SOLAS Regulations

12.01         High‑pressure fire extinguishing system with two independent pumps, starboard and port.

12.02         4 fire extinguishing closets, each with a 20‑m hose with nozzle.

12.03         5 Sea hand‑held foam fire extinguishers, 6 kg.

12.04         1 Sea hand‑held C02 fire extinguisher, 2 kg, in kitchen, 1 Sea hand‑held C02 fire    extinguisher in wheelhouse.

12.05         1 Sea permanently installed C02 fire extinguishing system, 5 kg, per engine room, operable

                   from outside.

12.06         4 independent bilge pump systems.

12.07         ABB central fire alarm station BKZ1, with smoke detectors in all rooms.

12.08         Per hull, in the bow, one each collision bulkhead over 3 frame elements.

12.09         Per hull, 6 water‑tight bulkheads with the respective bulkhead doors.

12.10         4 life rafts ‑ 10 persons.

12.11         1 life raft ‑ 20 persons.

12.12         Distress signals with signal discharger (pistol).

12.13         10 Sea life preservers with reflective strips.

12.14         2 Sea life preservers with reflective strips and light/smoke signals.

12.15         4 Sea luminous signal buoys, automatic, for life preservers.

12.16         12 Sea parachute signal rockets.

12.17         1 Sea water staining agent.

12. 18        2 Sea marking buoys NB‑200 1, automatic.

12.19         2 Sea open‑Sea life jackets, body weight 15‑20 kg.

12.20         3 Sea open‑Sea life jackets, body weight 30‑40 kg.

12.21         10 Sea open‑Sea life jackets, body weight 60‑80 kg.

12.22         8 Sea open‑Sea life jackets, body weight 70‑90 kg.

12.23         6 Sea open‑Sea life jackets, body weight over 80 kg.

12.24         Inflatable Pischel Bolero 395P.

12.25         Inflatable Pischel Bolero 500P.

12.26         Ship pharmacy, amply equipped with drugs and instruments.

12.27         ships bell, diameter 30 cm, solid brass, with support.

12.28         Megaphone, transistor TM 24.12.29 1 hand‑held searchlight 500,000 CP, re‑chargeable      storage battery.

12.30         Maritime signal horn, chrome‑plated trumpet with compressor.

12.31         Emergency exit from cabin hallway, amidships, below the hulls downward.

12.32         Remote‑controlled searchlight, 250W/24V, starboard bow, remote‑controlled searchlight, 250W/24V, port bow, re      mote‑controlled searchlight, 250W/24V, aft, on flying bridge.


13     Anchor ‑ Mooring Devices


13.01         2 Sea bow anchors, 90 kg each, type Britany Mark II.

13.03         Bowsprit with stainless steel anchor rocker.

13.04         Per anchor, 75 m high‑strength Nicroman chain 13*36 mm, Dacron‑ coated, breaking load 200 kN. Polyamide anchor                   hawsers, diameter 30 mm, 110 m. 13.06 Anchor‑chain stopper, high‑grade steel, high‑gloss polished. 3 Sea capstans         Swiss Hydro DIA 1413, high‑gloss polished, with foot‑operated switch for clockwise and counter clockwise rotation.      Polyamide mooring lines, 22 mm, 3 Sea, per line 33 m. 6 Sea double‑cross bits, 65 x 40 cm, diameter 110 mm,

polished high‑grade steel. 6 Sea double‑cross bits, 42 x 24 cm, diameter 60 mm, polished high‑grade steel.

2 Sea anchor hawser rollers, high‑grade steel, each for 110 m anchor hawser, fastened at

the panelled railing.

6 Sea bottle‑shaped fenders, 155 cm long, diameter 45 cm, white.

2 Sea spherical fenders, diameter 100 cm, white.

14 Sea cleats, situated at the panelled railing, for fastening the fenders.

Per anchor,1 Sea self‑coiling anchor buoy, useable up to a depth of 20 m.


Sports Equipment


Multi‑purpose boat MATCH 4, for sailing, surfing, rowing and paddling. High‑pressure air compressor, 225 bar, with filling station, system Bauer. Various diving gear. 8 Sea chrome‑plated mounting brackets for fishing rods, installed on the panelled railing. Ergofit bicycle with ergometer. 1 pair of water skis.




2 cranes (USA), electro‑hydraulic, projection 3.10 m,

bearing capacity 450 kg.

boatman chairs chair on mast, with remote‑controlled hydraulic

llft.1 Sea inflatable Pischel Bolero 395P, 395 cm long, GFK

hull, white, with accessories.

1 Sea inflatable Pischel Bolero 500P, 5.0 m long, GFK hull,

white, with accessories.

Gangway "Ocean Star", made of stainless steel, with steps.

Commercial‑type washing machine Siemens V2A.

Commercial‑type tumble drier Siemens V2A.

Ironed "Singer".

Steam iron with ironing Board.

High‑pressure cleaner K.

Various standard and special tools.

Various spare parts and repair sets for engines, generators and osmosis system.

Central lock system Zeiss-Ikon with master, group and individual keys

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